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Mental Health Community Support

Support Group Meeting

Empowering a
supportive community

Pro bono clinic
with auricular acutherapy and Yang Sheng Health Literacy

Meeting the modern healthcare challenge with integrative medicine and ancient wisdom. Using non-pharmaceutical and non-conventional therapeutics to provide adult education in Yangsheng Health Literacy, as well as to set up community support group for better health in Novo mesto.

Sickness/health care accounts for 8.6% of Slovenia’s GDP and yet only 0.26% are used for prevention

Lack of development and upgrading of 
peer support

Demand for mental health education is in exponential rise

Taking part in activities that improve health and well-being in their community difficult

Rehabilitation services in the field of mental health are poorly financed 

The number of 
sick leaves is on rise


Giving as a way of getting strength and self-reward

Building a 
volunteer group for community support

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Finding connection with food and nature

Mindful eating- 
diet planning and preparation

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Field Trip in Nature

Healing from within and within our community

Community support activities using acutherapy and  
Yang Sheng Self-Care

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Group Therapy

Embracing Wisdom and Knowledge

Yangsheng Health Literacy for health cultivation by speakers in Slovenia, USA and all across Europe

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Finding the root and philosophy of mindfulness

Taoist training- 
meditation and exercise

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Lotus Pose

Learning from experts around the world

Learn to be successful and effective from experts' experiences.

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We Need Your Support

SZKMA engages in a wide variety of activities to support health in Chinese Communities, and to support medical practitioners delivering these services in Slovenia. Please vote for us for our community mental health support project.

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