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Dutch Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress

SZKMA is proud to be one of the Congratulatory Organizations of the 6th Dutch TCM Congress.

It is with immense pleasure that we come together once again for the 6th Dutch TCM Congress (DTCMC) in 2023. This year, we are honored to host more than 25 distinguished speakers hailing from America, Australia, China, Israel, and various European Union countries. They will generously share their wealth of knowledge and experience in the realms of prevention, treatment for a multitude of disorders, theoretical exploration, and supportive Qigong practices tailored to aid cancer patients.

The primary objective of DTCMC remains the integration of medical practices. We aim to equip TCM practitioners with the tools and insights to delve deeper into classical literature, modern medical advancements, and clinical applications. This platform has been especially created, to share knowledge and experience of globally well-known TCM and integrative medicine specialists, scholars, lecturers and practitioners.

​"Prof. Dr. Weixiang Wang"

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